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Polyurethane Finish Joinery House OB22-Villa04


Polyurethane Finish Joinery

This is a contemporary full-house joinery project for our client. All joinery features a minimalist design in black and white. Let’s enjoy the design.

Polyurethane Kitchens in Black

This contemporary kitchen is in matt black polyurethane finish in a minimalist look. The high cabinets and wall cabinets are up-to-ceiling designs. And the countertop and backsplash are dramatic marble-like quartz stone, adding a luxurious vibe to this understated and calming kitchen. Polyurethane finish doors are easy to clean. You only need a damp cloth to wipe the stains off.

BBQ Cabinets

Consistent with the kitchen cabinets, the BBQ cabinets are in black polyurethane finish too. And it features a black countertop to create a more stain-resistant space due to the smoky and intense firing cooking for barbecue. The glass window upon the base cabinets allows the smoke out, and at the same time, the glass door can block smoke and strong odors going to other rooms.

White Laundry Cabinets

In the laundry room, there are galley design matt white polyurethane finish cabinets. The cabinets are floor-to-ceiling and simple, handleless design, creating a clean, bright room for clothing clean.

White Wardrobes with Integrated handles

The wardrobes and entrance cabinets are the same design in matt white polyurethane finish with golden integrated handles. With an elegant and appealing outlook, the inside functional areas are also designed well. Reasonable functional partitions are provided for dresses, shoes, shirts, trousers, bags, and so on.

Entrance Shoe Cabinets

Black Bathroom Vanities with White Countertop

The black polyurethane finish vanities easily fit into the contemporary bathroom design. The pure white countertop with vessels matches the black vanities well, creating a classic and will not likely have an outdated look. The floating design makes the vanities look much lighter, even if they are in dark color.