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"Reach Out for Seamless Collaboration"

Connect with OPPOLIA effortlessly through multiple channels. Send us your floor plan and project details for a quick start, or request a site visit for hands-on insights and precise measurements. Our experienced sales team is ready to guide you, offering tailored solutions for your project.

Start the conversation today, and let's bring your project vision to life together.

Receiving request

"Your Request, Our Priority: Seamless Interaction with OPPOLIA"

Submit your request, and within two business days, a dedicated representative from OPPOLIA will reach out to you. Whether arranging a showroom visit or delving into your preferred styles, models, and colors from our extensive selection, our team is committed to understanding and delivering on your project needs.

Expected project cost

After you choose the designs, materials, and quantities you want for your project, we will send you the initial price for your project so that you have the expected idea for your dream home.

If the price is suitable for you and you wish to proceed with its implementation, the design fee will be paid.

Note: A refundable design fee is charged in the event of a contract to carry out the work with OPPOLIA.

3D Design

"From Sketch to Reality: Unveiling Your Custom 3D Design"

Watch your ideas come to life as our OPPOLIA space design experts transform your house drawings into a bespoke 3D design. Meticulously crafted to align with your budget, space, and personal preferences, explore a rich palette of materials, finishes, and colors that will breathe life into your vision.

Discuss about our design

"Crafting Your Vision: Let's Talk About Our Design"

Embark on a journey of design refinement with us. Once the initial design proposal for your project is ready, we meticulously examine every beautiful detail. We welcome your input to make modifications in designs, colors, or materials, ensuring they align perfectly with the living spaces you envision. Let's discuss and bring your dream design to life.

Final design proposal ( 2D & 3D )

"Your Vision, Our Precision: Unveiling the Final Design Proposal"

Experience the culmination of your vision as we present the final design proposal meticulously crafted by the OPPOLIA design team. Tailored to your choices for every aspect of the project, this proposal invites you to review and agree on the finer details, from colors to materials. Embrace the essence of your dream design with precision and style.

Final Offer & Work Agreement

"Seamless Execution: Our Work Agreement in Action"

Once your final design gets the green light, our next step is the Work Agreement. This crucial document outlines the specifics, including drawings, project timeline, contract value, and payment terms. It's a roadmap for our commitment to transparent, organized, and successful project execution.

At OPPOLIA, our Work Agreement is more than a document – it's a commitment to a smooth journey from design approval to project realization.

Manufacturing, supply and installation

"From Concept to Reality: Our Manufacturing, Supply, and Installation Expertise"

Discover a seamless journey with OPPOLIA, where manufacturing precision meets on-time supply and flawless installation. Our cutting-edge facilities ensure top-quality production, while our efficient supply chain guarantees timely deliveries. Trust our expert installation team to bring your ideas to life, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your project with our commitment to precision and quality. Contact us to turn your vision into reality.

Work completed & Handover

"On Time, Every Time: Delivering Your Project with Excellence"

At OPPOLIA, we stand by our commitment to delivering projects promptly and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Punctuality is ingrained in our process, guaranteeing your project is completed on time. Our dedication to client satisfaction goes beyond meeting expectations – it's about exceeding them. Choose OPPOLIA for reliable, on-time delivery and a project that leaves you truly satisfied.

Warranty & after sales services

"OPPOLIA Excellence: Unrivaled Product Warranty and Exceptional After-Sales Service"

Discover the assurance of quality with OPPOLIA's unparalleled product warranty and dedicated after-sales service. Our commitment to excellence doesn't end with the purchase – it extends to ensuring your ongoing satisfaction. Trust in our warranty to safeguard your investment, and experience attentive after-sales service that goes above and beyond to keep your spaces at their best.

The End of the journey   


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