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Contemporary House Interior Design OB22-Villa03


Contemporary House Interior Design

This is a contemporary full-house joinery project. The colors in this contemporary full house interior design are earthy and naturally neutral, such as cloudy whites, stone grey, leafy greens, charcoal black and sandy browns. Let’s enjoy the beautiful interior design.

Living Room

In the living room, earthy and natural colors were chosen to create a cozy and understated look.


The minimalist style kitchen is in a dark green-grey tone with handleless doors. The wall and base cabinets are in L shaped layout. And there is a kitchen island in the center. The yellow under cabinet lights brings more warmth and brightness to the room.

Master Bedroom

In the master bedroom, the wardrobes are floor-to-ceiling designs. The pure white handleless doors create a clean, simple and sleek outlook. The wood accent matches well with the white doors, creating a calm atmosphere.

Children’s Bedroom

The light wood accents and matte white color combination will always let people feel relaxed and pleasant. The wall cabinets, window cabinets, wardrobes and desk are harmoniously designed in a consistent style, providing much storage needed and functional spaces.


The floating bathroom vanity features pure white doors without handles. The countertop is black quartz stone, durable and easy to clean and maintain. White and black is always a classic match.