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125A/185A Narrow Frame Sliding Glass Door

Suitable for

All kinds of villas, high-end buildings, hotels etc..


  • The splicing position of the frame is designed with butyl rubber waterstop, which has better watertight performance
  • The lower rail is filled with a sliding glue groove to fill the groove, which is more convenient for cleaning and reduces heat transfer.
  • Equipped with an anti-balance wheel to reduce the shaking of the door leaf and improve the stability of the product; 304# stainless steel guide rail, quiet and durable.
  • The narrow fan design with a width of 33mm provides a wide field of vision, simplicity and good light transmission.

Functional Configuration

  • Thickness: 1.6 MM
  • Heat insulating:  24+24.8mm
  • Hardware Standard: 5+20Ar+5 
  • Glass: Standard Glass
  • Profile Color: Any Ral color